Day 7 of JENESYS Program

Day 7 was our free day. We got to do anything we want, so i chose to follow a few of the other participants to Kyoto, which was about an hour plus from Kobe by train. After Kyoto, we planned to go to Osaka, which was about half an hour from Kyoto. In Kyoto we got on the bus to the Kiyomizu Temple, which apparently was on top of a hill. I nearly gave up going up, luckily the streets going up the hill were lined up with souvenir shops so that distracted me a little. But i still did not go up the steps to the temple, only made it at the gates. There were a lot of tourists at the temple and it was very very cold. After Kiyomizu Temple, we headed to Nijojo Castle, the old castle in the middle of the city. When we arrived there, we had to pay 600 yen to enter the castle. It was so expensive so the guys decided not to enter and we only took pictures at the entrance gate. After the brief stop at Nijojo Castle, the guys went ahead to the golden temple but i had enough temples for the day. So we parted ways here and i took the bus back to Kyoto Station and then took the train to Osaka on my own.

On the way to Motomachi Station, we passed China Town in Kobe City

Kobe City sewer cover, nicely decorated!

On the train to Kyoto, everyone so quiet in the coaches.

At the Kyoto Station, where Isetan is also located

One of the souvenir shops along the streets to Kiyomizu Temple

1000 yen for the fans

The Temple way up on the hill


Nearly there

Shop selling some local delicacies i think!


Another shop selling fans

The street filled with students and tourists

Our next destination, Nijojo Castle

Nijojo Castle entrance gate

The castle from across the street where i waited for the bus

Upon arriving at Osaka Station, i went to look for the Tourist Information Centre around the station to get the map of Osaka so that i’ll know where to go. Looked for the darn thing for nearly half an hour, lo and behold, found it outside the station! I went in and this friendly lady gave me a map and directions to the shopping area in Shinsaibashi and Namba. So i took the subway headed for Shinsaibashi. Arrived at the Shinsaibashi station, and went outside and found my way to Americamura. It was a bit quiet but the shops were filled with western clothing store. Then i walked back and went straight to the street of Shinsaibashi where the street is lined with shops left and right. What can i say. Its a shopping haven! From Shinsaibashi, i walked all the way to Namba and ended my walk there, and went straight to the subway to head back to Osaka Station. From there, i took the JR train back to Kobe and had time to shop at Uni qlo and went around China Town before heading back to the hotel. Overall, it was a day of fun doing my solo exploration around Kyoto and Osaka.

The DM store in Americamura

The shops around Americamura

Daimaru Store in Shinsaibashi

The roofed walkway at Shinsaibashi, with shops lined left and right

The shoes quite nice at this store

Love the Disney store, but way too expensive

Another nice shop at Shinsaibashi

Took this on the bridge

Stumbled on the camera crew interviewing people on the bridge

Tsutaya store selling books, cds, dvds and games

The Johnny’s section at Tsutaya

The Takashimaya Flagship store in Namba

Back in Kobe, some part of the walkway in China Town

The shops in China Town

I think this is the centre of the China Town


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