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Day 8 of JENESYS Program

It was an early start for day 8, with us checking out of the Hotel Okura in Kobe to head for the Osaka Airport for a flight to Niigata. We boarded the ANA plane and an hour later arrived at the beautiful snow covered and bitterly cold Niigata. As we went outside of the airport to the bus, it was snowing lightly and since most of the participants came from a hot and wet weather countries, so everyone was excited to see the snow. Since it was nearing lunch time, we were heading to a restaurant for our meal. But since we were a bit early, Kazumi-san took us to the observatory building to see the view of Niigata. When we arrived there, it was snowing heavily. As we went up to the observatory, the view was not that clear. The buildings were all covered in white and visibility was also not that good as the snowfall was heavy. After the brief stop at the observatory, we went straight to the restaurant for lunch. We had a western lunch, with appetizer, salmon main course and dessert. After lunch, we made a stop at the local supermarket to look at some of the local products.

Our obento breakfast in the bus

At the Osaka Airport

Waiting to board the plane with Aye

Ariel view of Osaka

Snow covered mountain tops

Waiting to go outside to the bus at Niigata Airport

Snowing lightly as we put our luggage in the bus

Tom and i outside the observatory building in Niigata. It was snowing heavily and everyone was excited.

Huy, Kate, Tom, Nikhil and Ketsana

The Toki or ibis bird, the symbol of Niigata

I think this is some sort of message board on the observatory

The view of Niigata from the observatory on a very clear day

This was the view on that day, all white covered by snow

On our to the restaurant for lunch

The people at our table

The appetizer

Chocolate cake dessert


Outside the restaurant. Btw, the building behind me is not the restaurant :p

Fish sold at the local supaa

Nicely packed food


Now back to the serious stuff, we made our way to the Niigata Prefecture Office to meet the Governor and also to hear a briefing by the officials from the Office on the disaster management of Niigata Prefecture. After the 2 hour visit and some question and answer sessions, it was time for us to leave and for dinner time. We went to this little restaurant and had to sit on the floor for our hotpot dinner. The food was delicious. It was definitely the best food that i’ve had in Japan. After dinner, we went straight to the Hotel Okura Niigata where we were staying for the night.

At the Niigata Prefecture Office

The Governor presenting a gift to Mr. Zaw

One of the official’s briefing on Niigata’s disaster management

Nishiki koi or carp is one of the product of Niigata

Our “sitting-on-the-floor” dinner

With our resourceful guide, Kazumi-san

Koy and Aye

Love the snail, very sweet!

The avocado and prawn salad

This dish was not that good. I don’t know what it was but it was cold!

The hotpot soup. Definitely the best i’ve had!!


My dinner neighbour

The snowed in bicycle next to our bus


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